The Educational Association for Development (EAD) is a nonprofit association based in Lebanon. It aims at providing support to parents and families with children who suffer from Learning Difficulties (L.D.).

EAD provides this support in a unique manner. Our center is located within a school in order to enroll children with special needs into an educational system in an integrated environment. Being side by side with regular students benefits equally both stakeholders. Student with special needs develop skills and abilities and show great improvement in a relatively short period of time, while regular students learn how to appreciate and accept the individual differences that make each one of us a unique individual.

Available in house support includes counseling, therapy and academic follow up services. Furthermore, EAD is directly involved in promoting social awareness about learning disabilities. EAD participates in a wide variety of seminars and workshops and networks with other non-governmental organizations and government agencies nationwide as well as in the MENA region. EAD organizes workshops and professional development programs for schools interested in launching or enhancing an existing special education program in Lebanon and the Middle East area.

Our center is located on Hamra Street, Abu-Jawdeh Bldg. Al Botm area, Hadat. Workdays are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am. to 3:00 pm.

You can call us on +961-5-462808 Ext: 100 Cellular: +961-3-018190 or send us a fax on +961-5-462808 Ext: 111 email:info@ead-lb.org