It is
– A multicomponent intervention for both children and their parents/educators based on psychomotor therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. The intervention improves the psychosocial skills of children and adolescents to reduce psychosocial problems in children and adolescents.
– A complete program to improve the psychosocial competence and reduce psychosocial problems of children/adolescents. The program excists of a combined child training and parent training. Children have to learn and develop in a supportive environment: parents and educators have to support new skills, experiences and behaviours so children are able to generalize the new behaviour to other settings.
– As well preventive, as pedagogical and curative purposes. The program is based on psychomotor therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and is appropriate for children with behavioral and emotional problems of different ages and mental- or physical abilities.
In the child-training movement and play are used to improve the social, emotional, cognitive and problem solving skills. Children learn how to to take care for theirselves in relation to one-other in a playful way. Through positive experiences children’s social interaction, self-consciousness, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-efficacy improve and they learn to be proud of themselves. The group serves as an exercise-platform.

Parenting effectiveness plays a crucial role in determining children’s social competence and reducing psychosocial problems. The parent training offers them guidelines to improve the parent-child interactions and the parenting skills. Parents learn how to listen to their children and to function as a mediator to accomplish the development of the desired skills of their children.